Can you do large events?

Yes, Bumblebee provided ice cream, carts and servers for Amway Global’s 50th Anniversary party which had over 5,000 guests.

Can schools or churches get a discount?

Yes, call for details.

How long does my cart stay cold?

Our carts stay cold for over 48 hours.

Do I get an umbrella with my cart?


Can I return the ice cream that I do not use at my event?

No, all ice cream ordered is a non-refundable sale.

Do you sell dry ice?

Yes, 10lbs for $15.00

When do I get my cart?

Carts are delivered the day before, or morning of your event.

Do you sell to ice cream vending trucks?

Yes, we carry the best exclusive items for a vending program.

How do I pay for my cart?

We accept credit cards, cash or checks. Payment is due upon delivery.

Does your company do fundraising events?

Yes. Schools, churches, and relay-for-life are a few examples of non-profits and other organizations that use bumblebee carts.

How do I reserve a cart?

Please submit your order on our website under the menu/reserve button.

How far do you deliver ice cream carts?

We deliver to the Grand Rapids metro area. (Kent, Ottawa & Muskegon counties) If you have a large event, or would like a cart out of the delivery range; please call us for a quote.

How much ice cream does a cart hold?

We have 3 different sizes. The standard cart holds 500 ice cream bars.

I am doing a cart for my company, and want to keep it for all 3 shifts; do I pay for an extra day?

No, we understand sometimes you need the cart 24 to 36 hours.

I do not need a cart, but want to buy your ice cream. Can I buy just a few boxes?

Yes, our cash & carry program is open all summer. Call us for specific hours.

I own a store, do you have freezers?

Yes, we are West Michigan’s largest Ice Cream Distribution Company. Call us for details.

When is my cart picked up?

The following day, or if you had a weekend party it will be picked up on Monday.

Where are you located?

2627 Elmridge Dr. NW Walker MI 49534

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