Your Child’s Very Own Ice Cream Truck

Nothing beats the excitement of hearing an ice cream truck drive through your neighborhood as a kid — well, almost nothing. At Bumblebee Ice Cream, we can send one of our ice cream trucks stocked with delicious novelty treats directly to your door! Imagine your child’s excitement when the truck pulls into your driveway just for them. They’ll get to feel like the star of the show as friends, family members, and neighbors gather around to order a tasty treat. 

ice cream cart rentals


ice cream truck rentals for birthdays

Classic Treats

ice cream cart rentals

No Deposit

ice cream truck rentals

Can Serve 1,000+

Our Ice Cream Truck - $99

Our ice cream truck has everything it needs to deliver an authentic experience for your child. It is festively painted with delicious ice cream treats, comes with a digital menu board (that can be customized for your child’s party), and plays a classic, ice cream truck song. All of this comes at a cost of $99. It is important to note that this is the cost of having the ice cream truck come to your home. It does not include the cost of the ice cream that will be ordered. Ice cream is ordered and paid for once the truck arrives. Parties typically last 30 minutes. Upon request, our truck can stay for a shorter or longer period of time.

Our Truck Comes Complete With:

  • Novelty Ice Cream Treats
  • Digital Menu Board
  • Old-fashioned Music Box
  • Credit Card Processing
  • LED Lighting
Reserve Your Truck
birthday party ice cream truck rentals

How it Works

Our rental process is incredibly simple!

  • You reserve your truck for the day and time of your event.
  • One of our personable ice cream truck drivers comes to your home at the specified day and time.
  • Your child and guests make their selections and order their ice cream.
  • Everyone enjoys a delicious treat!
ice cream truck rentals for birthday parties

Additional Information

  • Ice cream truck rental costs $99, however, this fee is waived for parties of over 100 people.
  • Ice cream treats range from $2-$5 per person depending on which treats are ordered off our menu board.
  • Deliveries outside of Grand Rapids metro area may include a travel fee and our max delivery range is 50 miles from our Grand Rapids location.

Menu Board

  • Strawberry Shortcake Bar: $3.00
  • Chocolate Éclair Bar: $3.00
  • Cookie & Cream Bar: $3.00
  • Giant King Cone : $4.00
  • Giant Cookie & Cream Cone: $4.00
  • Giant Vanilla Sandwich: $3.00
  • Reese’s Ice Cream Cup: $3.00
  • Dove Bar – Milk Chocolate Bar: $4.00
  • Snickers King Size Bar: $3.00
  • Magnum Double Carmel Bar: $4.00
  • Original Good Humor Chocolate Bar: $3.00
  • Chocolate Malt Cup: $4.00
  • Mrs. Fields Cookie: $5.00
  • Cookie & Cream Cup: $5.00
  • Malt Cup: $5.00
  • RWB Bomb Pop: $3.00
  • Powerpuff Face Bar: $4.00
  • Sonic Face Bar: $4.00
  • Spongebob Face Bar: $4.00
  • Spiderman Face Bar: $4.00
  • M&M Cookie Sandwich: $4.00
  • Snowcone: $4.00
  • B&J Cookie Dough Mini Cup: $4.00
  • B&J Choc Fudge Brownie Mini Cup: $4.00
  • B&J Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Cup: $4.00
  • Strawberry Fruit Bar: $3.00
  • Lime Fruit Bar: $3.00
  • Coconut Cream Bar: $3.00
  • Strawberry Cream Bar: $3.00
  • Mango Cream Bar: $3.00
birthday party ice cream carts

What are others saying about Bumblebee?

“This was unique and FUN for our grandson’s birthday, especially under the social distancing guidelines! Our server was so accommodating and pleasant and we could definitely see her smile under her mask!! Oh yes, great variety of delicious ice cream too.”

– Cindy Luce McAuliffe

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You can call us at 616-431-5178, email us at, or just fill out the form. We’re excited to hear from you!